Founding Advisors

Our founding advisors are experts in their fields working with Get Media Savvy to establish a healthy media environment for kids and families.

Soledad O’Brien

Award-winning Journalist
Founder, SO'B Productions

Soledad O’Brien is an award-winning documentarian, journalist, speaker, author, and philanthropist, and founder of Soledad O’Brien Productions, a media production company dedicated to telling empowering and authentic stories on a range of social issues. She anchors and produces “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien,” a political magazine program syndicated in 95% of the country for Hearst and is a correspondent for HBO Real Sports.

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Dr. Michael Rich

Founder, Digital Wellness Lab
Boston Children’s Hospital

Dr. Michael Rich is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical and practices Adolescent Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital. Dr. Rich is also the Founding Director of Clinic for Interactive Media and Internet Disorders​  (CIMAID), the nation’s first evidence-based medical program addressing physical, mental, and social health issues associated with digital technology.

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Sherry Turkle, PhD

Social Scientist
Founder, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self

Sherry Turkle, PhD is the Abby Rockefeller Mauzé Professor of the Social Studies of Science and Technology in the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT, and the founding director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self. Professor Turkle received a joint doctorate in sociology and personality psychology from Harvard University and is a licensed clinical psychologist.

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Melissa Rauch

Actress, Writer, Producer
Night Court. Big Bang Theory
Co-founder, Oscar’s Kids U.S.

Melissa Rauch is an actress, writer and producer best known for her portrayal of Bernadette Rostenkowski on the world’s most watched network comedy show, THE BIG BANG THEORY. Melissa currently stars in, and executive produces NIGHT COURT, a follow-up to the classic legal comedy series on NBC. Rauch starred in the feature film, THE BRONZE, which she co-wrote and executive produced.

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Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble

Intersectional Mental Health Advocate
Founder, The AAKOMA Project

Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, (known professionally as “Dr. Alfiee”), is a pioneering psychologist, scientist, author, mental health correspondent, and the founder of The AAKOMA Project, which works to promote the mental health of BIPOC youth and young adults. Dr. Alfiee is a leading advocate for a world where EVERY child, teen, and young adult — inclusive of all points of diversity—feels the freedom to live unapologetically and authentically within an environment that allows them to rise and thrive.


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Dr. Danny Rogers, PhD

Computational Physicist
Co-founder, Global Disinformation Index
National Security Expert

Dr. Danny Rogers, PhD, is the co-founder and CTO of the Global Disinformation Index, a non-profit focused on catalyzing change within the tech industry to disincentivize the creation and dissemination of disinformation. Prior to founding the GDI, Rogers founded and led Terbium Labs, information security and dark web intelligence startup based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Dr. Heidi Boisvert, PhD

Creative Technologist
Founder futurePerfect Lab
Researcher, Neurobiologic Effects of Media

Dr. Heidi Boisvert, PhD is an interdisciplinary artist, experience designer, creative technologist and academic researcher who interrogates the neurobiological and socio-cultural effects of media and technology. Simply put, she studies the role of the body, the senses and emotion in human perception and social change. Boisvert is currently mapping the world’s first media genome, while taking great care with its far-reaching ethical implications.

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Doug Rushkoff

Media Critic
Founder, Team Human

Named one of the “world’s ten most influential intellectuals” by MIT, Douglas Rushkoff is an author and documentarian who studies human autonomy in a digital age. His twenty books include the just-published Survival of the Richest: Escape Fantasies of the Tech Billionaires, as well as the recent Team Human, based on his podcast, and the bestsellers Present Shock, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, Program or Be Programmed, Life Inc, and Media Virus.

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Linda Holliday

Tech Entrepreneur
Founder, CEO Citia

Linda Holliday is a 4X entrepreneur at the intersection of design, media and tech. Now founder/CEO of Citia, a revolutionary, patented, no-coding platform for modernizing content — making it live, multi-channel, organized and data-gathering for superior experiences and results. Citia has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, The New Yorker, TechCrunch, and The New York Times.

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Wesley Lowery

Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist

Wesley Lowery is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, best selling author, podcast host and on-air correspondent. He specializes in journalism that marshals data to illuminate the realities within the three branches of the American criminal legal system — police, prosecutors and prisons. 

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Linda Stone

Attention Researcher
Former Executive, Microsoft, Apple
Former Librarian

Linda Stone is a writer, speaker and consultant who coined the phrases continuous partial attention, email apnea, and screen apnea. Her work focuses on attention, innovation, and the psychophysiology of our relationship with technology.

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Kamal Sinclair

Emerging Media Artist & Producer
Senior Director of Digital Innovation
The Music Center

Kamal Sinclair supports artists, institutions, and communities working at the convergence of art, media, culture, and technology. Currently, she serves as the Senior Director of Digital Innovation at The Music Center in Los Angeles, which is home to TMC Arts, Center Theatre Group, Los Angeles Master Chorale, LA Opera, and LA Phil.

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