What We Do

Get Media Savvy empowers people to fight media chaos and defend humanity.

Who We Are

GMS is a collective of media makers and thinkers using pop culture to catalyze a nationwide embrace of 21st century media literacy survival skills. We create collective power by uniting an array of stakeholders – from parents and journalists, to physicians and researchers – to implement widespread cultural change. Join us.
GMS was jointly established by two friends and colleagues with decades of work in the media and its impact—Julie Scelfo, a journalist, media ecologist & parent of three, and Heidi Boisvert, PhD, a scientist and creative technologist who studies the neurobiological effects of media. Despite different vantage points, they share the same concerns about how today’s information environment is contributing to a wide array of problems, from a breakdown in democracy to a mental health emergency in kids.
Together, they convened Get Media Savvy to connect and amplify advocates and stakeholders to take back control of the media environment environment & try to keep us all sane.

How We Work

We design and implement pop-culture interventions and amplify key players in the media literacy space to reach the masses. We educate, prioritizing mass impact through grassroots work, collaborative projects, curated townhalls, and local events.